When Irish Eyes are Smiling

So today I am just hanging around the house and I was looking at old pictures on my laptop. I found my old Ireland album and decided, hey this would make a fun blog post. In my freshman year of college (2014) I was lucky enough to go to Ireland with my school choir. This was one of the best trips of my life. I was able to experience the Irish culture hands on and drink some Irish beer. Everyone in Ireland is so nice as well, always smiling and making jokes with each other (maybe its because they are always buzzed? Does it matter? No.) Did you know in pubs the Irish actually sing? Its like high school musical once you walk in, needless to say it was amazing. Looking back now I am surprised that my little freshman self decided to go on a trip where I knew no one. I just really wanted to go to Ireland damn it and turns out I made one of my best friends on this trip (hey Sarah). Here are some great pics of my trip (warning these photos do not do Ireland justice):


I should just be a professional photographer…These pictures do not even begin to capture the beauty of Ireland. Pictured above respectfully is the Dingle Peninsula, the Cliffs of Moher (one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen), Dublin, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. We were fortunate enough to sing in Saint Patty’s cathedral (Shout out to Saint Patrick). Overall, this trip was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. If you have not been, I highly suggest putting a trip to Ireland on your bucket list.

BUT GUESS WHAT…I am going to be going on another trip this year with the choir to ITALY! I am beyond excited. I cannot wait to try their pasta, pizza, bread, and wine…and their pasta, pizza, bread, and wine again. I am going to take as many pictures as I can so I can share these with you all. I am actually thinking of vlogging the trip while I am there, so you guys can experience it with me.

When Irish eyes are smiling, sure they’ll steal your heart away.

I can’t wait for PIZZA.




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