Back to School

So we are back for the spring semester and it is already a struggle. The first week of college is supposed to be the easiest week, especially for us nursing majors (we still have a lot of work to do, but not nearly as much as usual), but somehow I already feel extremely exhausted. I mean I could blame that on a late night out last night, but I mean I was feeling tired on Monday when we had to come back. I guess I did not come back rested? Even though I rested the entire break…Oh well, I am just terminally tired. I swear I am an 90 year old woman, I can hardly stay up until 11pm anymore. It hits 8pm and I am like okay pajama time (this is only when I have to go somewhere that day, most of the time I just stay in sweatpants all day…what is the point of getting dressed if you have nothing to do?).

We got 12 inches of snow over the weekend and my friends and I were completely snowed in! It was so much fun to get to hang out with them all night, but man am I tired after that, I woke up and just thought “wow I miss my college bed” and I never imagined myself thinking that. Getting home to 12 inches of snow is an entire other story…I hate the snow. It sucks, there is no goodness to it. I hate skiing, I hate the cold, the ice is slippery, and shoveling your car out is always a b***h.

I honestly do not really know where I am going with the post, I just figured I would give you all an update, since I have not written in a while!

So all in all, being back at school sucks (minus being with my friends) and snow sucks. Jeez Ashley, quite a negative blog post. Oh and the Patriots lost….So yeah great ending to an interesting week. Hopefully this upcoming week there will be no snow and more hanging out with my friends.


I hope you all have a great week!!




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