Resting Bitch Face Problems

Now, I am sure that most of you have heard of the so called “resting bitch face.” I have one of these faces. I could be extremely happy, and yet my face just looks like a stone cold bitch. To me, my face of content looks something like this:


Kanye is one of the many celebrities that have been targeted by the media for RBF. Many other celebrities have also been targeted such as Kristin Stewart and Anna Kendrick (btw most of the people targeted by the media about this is women, what else is new). Us women are supposed to be constantly happy and smiling (I call bullshit).


I mean this is the goddamn Queen of England, she literally gives no f**ks. She obviously is happy (because shes the Queen), but she still has a RBF.

Let me just say, if I want to kill you with my bitch face I will. Let me clarify, there is a difference between a RBF and just a straight up bitch face. Now, resting bitch face is (almost) unintentional. Bitch face is purely intentional, if you see that you better run for the hills – because that look can kill, for example:


Resting bitch face is nothing to be embarrassed about, its basically what all the models do when they walk down the runway. So basically all you people out there that have RBF, you are basically a model.

So sorry to all those people I scare when I walk down the hallways at school, but to be quite frank I don’t actually care. If you’re intimidated by my face that’s good because you should fear me (just kidding…but not really). To these people who are intimidated, don’t be…My RBF is most likely due to the fact that I have class or because I would much rather be in my bed. Also sorry if you smile at me and I do not smile back, my brain sometimes does not register how bitchy I am actually looking. In my head I am smiling back but in reality I am just like:


RBF happens to everyone lets not discriminate. If it happens to you then I hope you can relate to this blog post. Lets join forces and not be ashamed of our RBF’s.


That’s all for now.






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