April Ludgate is my Spirit Animal

So if you know me you will know that I have an obsession with the show Parks and Recreation. And if you don’t you should. It is an amazing show. If you don’t watch this show you might as well stop reading this now because its going to not make any sense. Or maybe it will idk. April Ludgate aka Aubrey Plaza, is in fact my spirit animal. I just wanted to share the amazing times April spoke to me on a spiritual level.

  1. I mean first lets just talk about her judgmental face. Like face goals. I love her omg.


2. Secondly, lets talk about her sarcasm. She is literally the queen, because most of the time she is serious (which makes it even better). I love her sarcasm because you can’t tell if she likes you or not. All hail the queen.

giphy 44



3. Or how about when she literally shuts doors on people.

gip arpirl

4. Or every time she says she hates people. Because I mean, I hate people too…they kind of suck sometimes.



5. Or how about those times she threatens people…


6. Or when she just cannot handle being a human

giphygiphy 22

7. And when she knows how to make you stop talking


8. Or when she hates feeling loved or being touched by another human (besides Andy of course)


9. And lastly, I just love it when she guilt trips and manipulates


Needless to say she is my spirit animal and I am obsessed with her. And if you don’t like Parks and Rec or April Ludgate we cannot be friends.


That is all for now





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