F*ck Nazis + KKK

Hello – I know I have not written on here in a long time (a year?). I have not really had time with everything that has been going on – senior year of college, graduation, becoming an RN, and getting a new job. However, in the light of everything that has recently happened in Charlottesville, VA – the Nazi protestors – I figured I needed to stand up for what is right, even if it is just writing it in a blog post. Now, clearly by the title I do not like Nazis (which every human being should agree with). Nazis are cruel human beings with no souls. HOW can someone be so aggressive and evil? I cannot wrap my head around this. We as a society must stand up together to demolish this horrible idea that one person is not as good as the next. We have fought for equal rights and we have won this battle – but did we really? We, as white people, need to acknowledge that racism and sexism still exists. This is the first step to eradicating this thought process amongst many people in our country. How can we have a safe country if people still think this way? Are we not America land of the free and brave? Our president did not even side with the right side. There are two sides to this situation – the first is the Nazi side, the second is the right side where we believe in equal rights and nonviolence. Why did our president – who gets angry at the dumbest things – not get angry about something this evil? We need a president who will voice his or her opinion when something is clearly WRONG. If anyone forgot – many of our grandparents and elders fought in a war to end the Nazis and now we are going backwards? We CANNOT go backwards, as Jimmy Fallon has recently stated on his television show. We must remember who we are as a people – we are America – land of the free and the brave. We must be BRAVE and stick up for what is right – just like Heather Heyer did who lost her life sticking up for the RIGHT side which was opposing the white supremacists. Maybe I am not educated enough about politics or whatever – but I do know that Nazis are evil, racism and sexism still exists, and our president did not stand up for the right side.

That is all I have to say…oh and f*ck Nazis and the KKK.

Thanks for reading,




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