So, I started this blog in 2015…that was 3 years ago. Little did I know how quickly three years would go by. I am not studying in college anymore – no longer dying from finals, worried about exam grades, or what I am going to get for dinner from the dining hall. Lord thank god I do not have to eat that food anymore. I am now 23 yrs old, working as a registered nurse in an oncology unit. I am sure I have grown and changed a lot within those three years…however, I am still very sarcastic – that hasn’t changed.

I was recently talking with my co-worker about how I used to run a blog and post frequently on it when I wanted to procrastinate – hence why I originally named this blog “procrastination station” – however, seeing as I am now a very mature (eh) 23 yr old living in her own apartment in CT, I have decided I would re-vamp this blog into something I hold dear to my heart, which is of course self-love.

Not sure what type of content I will be posting on here, probably will use it more as a therapeutic outlet, but if you would like to follow along cool if not cool. I am planning on re-doing my Youtube channel as well – this will most likely just be vlogs/chats on my nursing life/world.

So ta-ta for now, will chat soon.

Ashley xx

PS: one of my favorite poetry books is called “I love my love” by Reyna Biddy – hence the name of my new cool blog.

“You are love, you’ve always been love”


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