my top 5 cozy films

Hello Everyone! I have been re-watching some of my favorite movies because of this terrible rainy weather we have been having in new england. So, I figured I would share my wealth of knowledge on great films to watch on a rainy day in a form of a list for you guys! So here we go:

  1. Harry Potter (any of the 8 films would suffice): these movies honestly bring me so much joy. It must be because I grew up watching them so they are nostalgic for me. But genuinely I think Harry Potter has such a great feeling to the films, even when they do get a bit darker at the end – you know defeating voldy and then some of the main characters die – but besides that these movies have so much love in them. The entire story is based off of friendship and I truly think they have such a cozy and warm vibe to them! I especially like to watch these movies around Christmas time (especially number 1 and 2) because they again are so lovely and also have big bits of christmas in them! anyway if you don’t like harry potter – then i probably don’t like you… jk but you should start liking these films. images.jpeg
  2.   Mamma Mia! : probably up there with one of my favorite films – to be honest these are all kind of my fav films because I always re-watch them…Anyway – Mamma Mia is such a fun and energetic film but it is also super emotional. We watch Sophie deal with her emotions in not knowing who her father is; while we also watch Donna struggle with her secret of Sophies three dads. I think this is an empowering film for women because it shows that we can be fun, free, and happy WITHOUT a man telling us how to live. But it also shows us that it is ok to forgive and love each other all at once. Also – the music is amazing and gets stuck in your headfor days! I truly love this film, it makes me smile. Also – side note – I saw part 2 recently and it made me cry so much because it was so moving! It is a must see!
  3. We Bought a Zoo : definitely one of the more emotional films on this list. If you haven’t seen it I highly suggestit. To not give to much away – its about a family who has recently lost their mother to cancer – and in order to start a new the father decides to move the familyto a house – which is also a zoo! It is truly uplifting and it shows the dynamics of a family and how staying strong throughout the process and growing together really can help heal the wounds. Honestly one the best films I have watched – it has Matt Damon (which is always a plus) and Scarlett Johansson (also a plus). It also has really beautiful animals. All the emotions are in this film – oh also based off of a true story!


4. The Princess Diaries – probably the dorkiest film on this list, but I couldn’t resist! This film is so funny to me. I think Anne Hathaway plays this role perfectly. This movie is just a great go to for when you are bored. It has the concept of over coming bullies, loving yourself, and accepting who you are. I think Mia Thermopolous really grows as a character throughout this film and it is very entertaining to watch her grow into awoman who will rule Genovia!


5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s : an old classic film that I am obsessed with. Audrey Hepburn is one of my major role models in life, not only an amazing actress – but an amazing human being off the screen. This movie is complex and shows the young Holly Golightly struggling with herself and who she wants to be. This movie makes you think and keeps you guessing. I am obsessed with Holly Golightly because she is a mystery – and I think to herself as well. She finds Paul Varjak and falls in love and is not really sure what to do with this information. I think this film is a lot deeper than people realize which is why it makes you think. I truly enjoy the complexity of the film and of course my girl Audrey. She was a stunning human being and will always be an icon.


So there we have it! My top five cozy films – which are probably also my favorite movies! They are all a little bit different but they also have their similarities too. Watching movies in my bed is probably one of my favorite past times (yes I know I need to get off my ass more but hey when you are nurse and on your feet for 12 hours + during work you take advantage of your off days in bed). Hope you all watch these films and enjoy!

lots of love and let me know if you would like some book recommendations! I love to read as well!

Ciao bellas!

xx ashhlynn


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  1. yes the princess diaries and harry potter are perfect kinda nostalgic films. always bring back such great memories. also if you don’t mind i’m a new blogger and would be so grateful if you could check out my posts & give me some feedback! thanks x

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