book release

Hi blogger friends! So, I know I have been silent on here lately but that is because I have been busy writing a book! I left my job in CT as a RN due to health related issues, and during my time off I started writing poems in my phone. Now, at first this was more of a therapeutic mechanism but then I realized that it would be really cool if I compiled them all into a book. So, I started researching on how you get along with publishing a book and becoming an author. And I found out that you can self publish on Amazon for free, which is really cool! Now, I am not Atticus or Reyna Biddy, but I decided hey if these poems helped me maybe they will help others as well. So, I went onto amazon and published a book! I am very excited to put this out into the world – these are all really raw poems. Many of the poems are about self love, anxiety, men, love, and heartache. If this seems like it interests you then please check out my book! It is called ‘poems from my phone’ – since I started writing these poems in my notes section on my phone!

Here is the link!

Let me know what you think!

Lots of love,


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