be kind.

Hi friends –

So I have been thinking a lot lately – you know as humans do. And I have been noticing that so many people today are so judgmental and so close minded. I see this every day in society. I see people making fun of someone because their hair is an exotic color or because they are overweight. And I must admit – I used to do this from time to time. But, now that I have gotten older – the mature age of 24 – I have realized that we as a society need to just let people be people. We need to stop judging and let others do what makes them happy. As long as we are not hurting each other or ourselves I see no problem in whether or not that woman’s hair is bright pink. Like thats sweet – if she wants pink hair then let her be. Stop judging others and stop being so closed minded. We literally have no idea what people are going through unless we actually get to know them. We need to treat everyone equally and openly. I talked more about this on my youtube channel which I will link below – but it has just really been bothering me lately. Like I have gotten DM’s (yes people still slide into your DM’s even if you do not know them well) saying that my outfit looks weird. Like I’m sorry but I do not really care that you think my outfit is weird – and you really do not have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to tell me this. Like, I really do feel bad for these people – like who hurt you and judged you so hard that you have to go and do it to people you do not even really know? IDK I am just rambling now. My point is be KIND and be POSITIVE. If you are not these things don’t bring it to me.


Lots of love,

ashhlynn xox


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