4 parks 1 day disney trip

I recently went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida for a weekend. Now you might think I am crazy, and yes I am, but it was wicked fun. I went with my best friend from college and her three best home town friends. Traveling with new people can be a little nerve-wracking but they were all amazing and hilarious – just like my bestie from college. So, we left friday evening (cheapest flight) on jet blue we got into florida around 11pm. We then just checked into our hotel. We stayed at Disney’s Animation Resort (again cheaper option), and it was actually really nice! It had a nice pool with a bar (always a plus if there is alcohol). On Saturday we were off at 7am – like little children on Christmas morning. The weather was perfect – in the morning it was around 60’s then by afternoon it got to 80′. Perfect tank top and shorts weather – just an FYI if you’re from New England make sure you wear your sunscreen because lets just say I almost got third degree burns on my shoulders – sorry mom lol. Any way, we started our at Animal Kingdom. We went on a safari ride, ate Mickey Mouse pretzels, and then were depressed because Mount Everest was broken. I am a big rollercoaster girl so any ride that was broken was a sad time in ashley world. After AK, we went to Disney’ Hollywood studios – tbh I do not remember much about this one. I think we kinda just walked through and saw some characters. Oh, we met Olaf and yes he does give warm hugs. After this we went to Epcot! Epcot was really fun – we spent a good amount of time jumping from country to country and eating lots (spent way too much money here on food and drink). We went on the Coco ride which was cute (still need to see this film), also Thunder Mountain which I think was my favorite ride out of all of them. The fact that Epcot has alcohol is amazing – no wonder why adults love it so much! Also, not an alcoholic just realized I have referenced drinks a couple times now. But, ya know gotta stay hydrated… Last but not least MAGIC KINGDOM. My favorite because it is just the epitome of Disney – anyone else agree? Splash mountain was really fun – and it was great to cool off because it was HOT and my new england body was not ready for this weather. To end the day we ate at the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast (my fav disney princess movie) – we tried the grey stuff, but honestly not a huge fan too sweet for me! My friends then had a wretched flight at 6am on Sunday, and I booked a later flight for the day. So they packed up Sunday morning at 2am and left – while I got to lounge by the hotel pool for the day on Sunday. Honestly, a perfect wind down for walking a total of 12 miles/standing for 20hours on Saturday!

It was so nice to get back to Disney and feel like a little kid again. I haven’t been there since I was 9 years old. It was a much needed break for my from graduate school and starting my new job on a med-surg unit in a local hospital close to home. Let me know what your favorite rides are at Disney in the comments below! I look forward to getting back there soon! 🙂 Oh and I had to buy the basic Disney ears for the pics – you can follow me on Instagram if you want – @ashleylynchhh



lots of love,

ashhlynn xx

ps: my book is still available at the link below! plus if you have kindle it is free – if you like poetry you will love it! 🙂 please share it with your friends and family!



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